I am doing a Masters in Philosophy at Sorbonne with a focus on environmental ethics (more specifically climate change). I am also a freelance writer and a journalist with a background in environmental politics. As a quadrilingual with a passion for learning and exploring, I am convinced that travel is the best form of education. After graduating from the University of Ottawa and working in an office for a few years, I spent the last couple of years traveling and has been to over 25 cities in four continents. Currently, I live in Paris, exploring this unique city, its history and culture and perfecting my nearly fluent French. When not exploring and making observations, I enjoy reading, knitting, vegetarian cooking, beer sampling, jogging, biking and blogging.

About this blog:

It is simply an online platform to share my experiences, discuss ideas, create debates and expand my viewpoints with a hint of pessimism. Instead of focusing the theme of this blog, I decided to write about a variety of topics such as climate change, philosophy, travel, books, daily tasks and even attempted to photoblog. In the future, I may be posting fiction or short stories.

Do you have a comment or question? I would love to hear from you 


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have refused to focus my blogcasa on anything except everything that interests me. I like that you’re doing the same thing. Cheers. Let’s have fun being multi-focused.

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