A constant variable


A constant variableI was sitting in a coffee shop in New York waiting for the rain to subside so I can make my way to the bus station taking me back to Ottawa, after having spent a few amazing days in this beautiful city.

On the table was a scarf, a coffee mug, my camera, a NYC short stories book and my notebook and a pen that I was using to gather my thoughts about being in such an overwhelming place.

I looked at them and I thought keeping in mind that in less than a month, I’ll be cruising the streets of Paris with a suitcase, a hockey bag and not much else and I thought I’ve moved around, been travelling for a while with no stability or constancy in my life but this tiny table had everything I would ever need to be happy and that was my constant.

And there, I somehow knew that everything is and will be a variable for a while. NYC is now replaced by Paris, Paris would be replaced by Belgrade, Belgrade would be replaced by Beirut or Vancouver or London or Paris again, who knows?

But there my life was laid in front of me as a constant variable …


3 thoughts on “A constant variable

  1. The Commoner Princess

    Very courageous!!! Best of luck in your travels! PS. you are going to love coffee shops in Paris :))

  2. Thank you, I renamed the blog but never actually thought about explaining the logic behind it but I am glad I did. And yes, I love Paris and its coffee shops and its everything… Appreciate the encouragement 🙂

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