Фонтана – fontana

Čukur fountain

Čukur Fountain, a drinking water fountain marking the resistance movement against the Ottoman Empire

For many people seeing this picture or passing by this fountain is goes merely unnoticed. However, there is a beautiful and sad story of resistance behind this fountain. You see, Belgrade, just like every other city I have been too, has a lot of fountains, spewing water and make for a pretty sight. This fountain tucked away on a side street is not grand and hardly qualifies as beautiful but it is so far the most meaningful I have seen.

During the Turkish times, right at this spot, people were waiting in line for water, a young man refused to let Turkish soldiers pass him in line, so they shot him dead. This incident sparked unprecedented anger against the Ottomans and started a mass resistance movement that ended by kicking the Ottomans outside of Belgrade once and for all, decades before the Balkan wars that ended the Turkish reign in the region.


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