Гентрифицатион – Gentrification

Just like any city, Belgrade is not immune to gentrification. The waterfront has many warehouses that are now closed for many reasons and over the last decade or so they have been turned into various bars, restaurants and shops right on the river side.

Now there is a project, funded by the UAE that plans to turn the waterfront into giant skyscrapers of malls and overpriced condos under the idea that it brings money and more people into the city. Of course, failing to mention that it will drive people out of their own city into yet another part of this ever-changing city.

I guess one could say that the city has been gentrified over and over again even before the term was coined. As it is the meeting point of two rivers, it has been a huge center of attention for a large part of its history, meaning that it has prospered, was destroyed and rebuilt over and over again. History repeats itself, it seems.


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