Абецеда – abeceda


A street sign with the Latin Alphabet covered

In Serbia, the spoken language is Serbian, a Slavic based language that officially uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Another version of the language spoken in Croatia for example uses the Latin alphabet. For reasons still unknown to me, both alphabets are used interchangeably and inconsistently in Belgrade. For example, bus stations have the names written in Cyrillic alphabet while the name of the next stop inside the bus is actually in Latin, why confuse things?

I am guessing that the continuous use of the Cyrillic alphabet (which is a variation of the Russian alphabet) has to do with national identity, but more on that later when I have the time to compile more info. As you can tell from this photo whenever a street name or sign is in both alphabets, the Latin part tends to be covered and this is quite common.

Meanwhile, it is been a lot of fun navigating the streets with my limited knowledge of the use of the Cyrillic alphabet and seeing how often I can get the street names!


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