Belgrade Photo Challenge


Belgrade – Image source : Wikipedia

As many of you know by now, I am going to spend the month of May in Belgrade with a few potential short trips around former Yugoslavia. I have no friends, I do not speak the language and I do not know a lot about the city. It makes for a perfect adventure, doesn’t it?

The trip also has a personal motive, largely centered around the notion that less than a decade ago this city was the capital of a country that no longer exists and less than two decades ago this country was in the middle of a nasty civil war that ended by dividing into it seven countries. Of course, I am no foreign to the stories of civil war and their nasty implications neither to the division discourse and being the curious person I am, it is only natural that I want to explore what it is like to be in a place that once, not that long ago, was somewhere else.

Now, in an attempt to push myself to explore and discover new things, I am setting myself to a challenge of a photo a day. Ideally the photo will be accompanied with a short blog (a bit more than a one-sentence description) and a word of the day, a new word related to the photo I learned in Serbian.

It would be nice to get some support and encouragement. I will be posting the photos on this blog under the category C in Belgrade, and using Twitter and Instagram for promotion.

For those of you interested in following, the hashtags, I plan to use are #CinBelgrade #wandererinBelgrade #Belgradephotochallenge #MayinBelgrade

Twitter: @crystel_hajjar

Instagram: @crys_tel


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