Au +33 ( aka I am in France)


ParisParis is always a good idea – Audrey Hepburn


I visited Paris for the first time ever, twenty years ago at the end of June. I was six years old and my mother had a hard time putting me to sleep because the sun was still out. As she tried to convince me that even though the sun is still up, it is late and I still need to sleep, all I kept thinking of was how cool it is to live in a place where the sun is out so late that I don’t have to sleep. Yes, I have a philosophical issue with sleep (that will be the subject of another blogpost). That place could have been Saskatoon, for all I know, but it wasn’t, it was Paris! The oldest, most romantic, most visited and one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.

Fast forward twenty years later, I am writing this post sitting in a tiny overpriced apartment on the fifth floor of a walk up with very steep and old stairs overlooking a one way street with small boutiques at the bottom of short residential buildings with horrible plumbing; a very typical scene of Paris. This time, I am here to stay, well as long as the system (and my finances) allow me.

Call it adventure, or call it despair, I actually do not even know but what I do know is that I’ve been looking out for a change and I wasn’t simply gonna sit around waiting for an opportunity to fall in my lap. Instead, I decided to put what I was doing on hold or simply move (only time will tell) and move to Paris.

So I packed up my belongings into a duffle bag and a suitcase and moved across the Atlantic. The time I’ve spent in Paris so far has been very interesting, partially because I am still in the tourism stage but without the need to rush and be a tourist. I can take my time establishing my routine while not having to deal with the logistics of being a resident of city while at the same time.

I am really enjoying the city and looking forward for, yet again, another year of uncertainty and full of ups and downs of a different nature this time. I’ve been thinking about ways of making this blog more useful (and just as fun), so in addition for fun facts and trivia, I plan to blog some practical tips about things like opening a bank account, finding a flat or a job or auditing a university course, things that could actually be a lot more complicated than you would think in this part of the world. So stay tuned, I may even include some more fun stuff on the French ways of dressing, eating, dating …

*France should actually be on GMT instead of the CET, but the Germans changed that in WWII and it was never set back.*


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