A Shadow in the Sun


Of course, they (creative people) are crazy! There are thousands of writers and artists, most of them their dreams will never come true, you have to be crazy… that’s reality … Art is not something you choose to do, it is something that chooses you

I don’t usually watch movies nor write about them, but recently I came across “A Shadow in the Sun” on Netflix as I was working on a sewing project and it was inspiring enough that compelled me to write about it.

It is about a writer who goes from London to Tuscany to convince a former writer to start writing again and while at it falls in love with his daughter. The setting already calls for some cheesy romanticism, which like most movies this one offers. But what it also offers, is some witty dialogue and honest expression of human feelings and vulnerabilities. It touches on issues from fear, to bitterness to self-pity and trying to find oneself, very subtly without overwhelming the audience. It is the one passage here and there that just touches on an issue while filling the rest with rather superficial and stereotypical scenes.

A two-minute dance on “Sway” music really fits in.

On a couple of occasions, this overall feel-good movie brings the “why one writes” question and how to push ourselves out of our comfort zones in order to feel and experience what we are writing and be able to better express it, and if you’re in the mood you may enjoy some descriptions of the sunset, a beautiful woman or how to feel to be in a fight.

Talking about the writer’s daughter:

What was God thinking when he created women?

He was probably trying to make up for creating us.

You think?

Sure, I mean most of us are smelly, hairy morons, with one foot out of the cave. But women, that’s where God outdid himself.. I mean out of all the things he created what would be more perfect than a woman

Overall, it is a decent feel-good movie to kill and hour and a half while ironing or cleaning. Personally, I would have done with less cheesy scenes, for example, when the town’s priest tries to baptize the guy, who then says that he is Jewish, but without this having any role in the movie other than pointing out stereotypes. Or with a less silly ending, (spoiler alert) when the guy changes his mind and leaves his luggage in the train while jumping from the window to go back into town on a horseback (when he himself has admitted to never riding a horse before) with his “love”. Oh and did I mention, this was plotted by the priest and executed by his mother?


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