Two years in review


This morning, wordpress sent me a “Happy Birthday” notification that reminded me it was two years ago that I published the first post on this blog I quit my job, 10 days after quitting my job and embarking on an undefined adventure of all kinds.

My goal was to publish something every month, which I have somewhat succeeded at. I say somewhat because I have published 38 posts in 24 months but there were months on end when I did not publish anything.

The categories, I picked are somewhat arbitrary and (surprisingly) I wrote mostly about climate change and philosophy.

My favourite and most viewed post is Maybe we’ve got it all wrong on climate change being a product of human nature. The day with the highest hits was December 8, 2012, same day I published this post.

A word on being alone came as a close second and my first (and so far only) photo blog Wisdom on the streets (Mar Mikhael edition) came in third. Both of these were based on different districts in Beirut.

The third blog I wrote on the city (and my favourite) Beyrouth ton horizon m’appelle was the second lowest in terms of hits. Getting to Durban before COP17 got the least hits.

I wrote about politics and activism, books, slightly about feminism and a whole lot of random stuff.

I very poorly documented my travels and wrote about Beyrouth, Paris, and Portland, despite visiting many more cities. Some cities that would have been worthy of a blog: Bordeaux, Dubai, Durban, Vancouver, San Francisco, Doha, Osoyoos and Seattle.

My largest readership is based in Canada, followed by Lebanon, the UK and the US almost equal thirds.

My readership increased exponentially is 2013 and the hits to my blog doubled between January and May and have been going steadily since.

Over the last two years, I debated the purpose of the blog and so far it is still what it always was, an outlet for me to write, although I have to admit, there is a self-esteem boost that comes with a blog getting higher than unusual hits and strangers commenting on my posts.

I have been semi-regularly using this outlet to document specific, real life events and personal and family history and I’ve been struggling a fair bit with how public and personal reconcile, if at all that is. Perhaps, the closest I got was with When I wasn’t born a boy and Guilty of perpetuating Homophobia.

In the last two years, wordpress and my laptop have somewhat replaced my notebook and pen, (which I particularly dislike) but also became close friends, and so did many strangers across the globe. I have managed to share a lot more than the many notebooks stacked in between stuff away from my and anyone’s reach have taken me and will ever do.

I still have many unpublished posts and many more waiting to be written. So see you soon wordpress!


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