Cools and not-so-cools of Portland

Those are snippets, there is a more detailed answer to the “why should I go to Portland“?
Cool things about Portland:
Farmer’s Markets that sell local and tasty peaches, cherries and blueberries.
Abundance of locally handmade earrings
A higher than usual number of vintage shops
Tons of fixie bikes
Great walking cultures
Awesome vegetarian restaurants
a $2 breakfast (2 eggs, 2 toast and 2 something meaty that I skipped).
Vegan bagels and doughnuts
Riverside, bridges, parks and the Portlandia statue
Saturday market or as put by a Spanish person I met at the hostel “cheap shit that makes people happy”.
Accessible via greyhound bus for $60.00 from Vancouver, BC, Canada*
Natural parks and extinct volcanoes within a walking/biking/public transit distance (depending on your level of energy and location)
Not-so-cool things about Portland:
It is in the U.S.
Bikes are too expensive to rent
When you say Vancouver, everyone gives you this “poor you” look thinking you lived all your life in the suburb like city of Vancouver WA. I had to clarify that it is Vancouver B.C. the real one.
One of three people, I spoke to could have completely believed me if I said Ottawa is in Mozambique! Come on, it is only the capital city of the second largest country ever (although, it might be too much to expect that people will know that).
No matter how hard you try, you will inevitably fall in the “how are Canadians different from Americans” debate.
Most American citizens reaction to “I am coming from Canada”: Oh Canada, as if Canada is a one way street outside the city.
Most tourists’ reaction to “I am coming from Canada”: where from? and they would actually know Ottawa and Vancouver and Quebec City and Halifax, I would guess they would also know Saskatoon and Winnipeg but I never tried to be honest
*If you buy online, ahead of time.

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