As I am waiting to buy doughnuts…


Portland, OR – July  12th at 2:16 pm

Voodoo DoughnutsI am waiting in line to buy doughnuts. The line is huge, so I decide to write down whatever that comes to mind while waiting. First, how many doughnuts should I buy so it is worth the wait? Either way though I should not buy more than two. Let’s hope it is not $5 a piece.

This is a Portland thing so I suppose it is worth the wait. The line has all different people in it and all ages and it is moving quickly. There are about ten people behind me now.

So it is my last full day in Portland. I will miss this city, I wish I could live here for a month or something like that. I look back and I see buildings made of all kind and colors of bricks.

Earlier today I had lunch at a Korean place, it was a Korean Taco. Apparently, that’s what you end up with in an American Pacific city in close proximity to Mexico. Well, it was good.

I want to go for a walk by the river front later this afternoon.

As the line is moving and I am smelling the doughnuts, I am wondering why exactly I am doing this. Earlier I debated buying an i-phone, brand new! Seriously mind what is wrong with you? And yesterday, I wanted to buy Dr. Martin’s – Oh Consumerism, I guess it has to do with the no sales tax thing in Oregon.

I’ve been in line for 15 minutes.

I’m debating buying a copy of Lonesome Traveler, but I don’t want to have more physical copies of books. But I also love Kerouac, he was a great writer, he died too early!

18 minutes…

Okay, so a doughnut shop with a huge waiting line, you’d think they will have a menu so we could decide what to get ahead of time.

Oh by the way, I randomly ended up on Reuters’ payroll yesterday, for realz!

A guy across the line has an interesting shirt, I cannot see all the writing on it. I am going to ask, it says “extraenvironmentalist” – he says it is podcast done by someone in Vancouver, BC ( he had to specify, everyone in Portland thinks of Vancouver WA, whenever I mention the city, I don’t like that).

I also met some Canadians in the line from Saskatoon but live in Calgary.

The line is getting shorter.

The wall is sparkly, only one brick is painted pink. I am thinking they should have the menu painted on the wall, I am going to tell the cashier that.

“Cash only – no pennies –  no returns” says a sign on the wall. Who returns doughnuts anyways?

A tour walked by, they are saying there is no law preventing people in Portland from riding their bikes naked.

The store has only enough room for 5 or 6 people at a time.

Mickey Mouse PurseA middle–aged man across the line from me is carrying a Mickey Mouse Disney purse, it is probably his wife’s, but I thought it was funny, more like cute, or weird – why would a middle-aged woman carry a Disney purse anyways? whatever!

There’s a smartphone barcode to read the menu but what about those of us who don’t have a smartphone.

Doughnuts menuI walk some more, there is a sign that says to wait until called to enter. Everyone is leaving with a box, I can now see the menu, some of the doughnuts have “dirty names” and some are vegan. It is 2:45 they call me in.

I bought three doughnuts, chocolate glaze, Oreo and Boston Cream, that I cut in half and shared with people in the hostel. They were good, it is fat and sugar after all. They were between $1 and $2. Naturally, I forgot to mention to the cashier that they should paint their menu on the wall! 


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