About procrastination


You know this compulsive feeling that forces you to look for things to do other than what you absolutely need to be doing? Yes this is what I am talking about. I am currently writing two articles about topics that I more or less love, enjoy writing about and have a broad understanding of (so it shouldn’t be a difficult task, especially that I currently make a living out of writing).

They are due tomorrow. I’ve had more than enough time in the past few days to have them done already but I didn’t. In fact, I found I was procrastinating in ways that I’ve never done before, not even when I was in school.

You see usually, I procrastinate by doing something somewhat useful that I’ve been putting off for a while such as reading op-eds, learning about the proper way of running, finding a new recipe, plucking my eyebrows, or even cleaning my room.

This past week however, I’ve been procrastinating by doing odd things such as checking the weathernetwork and every single email account, I had for the past 10 years, some that I haven’t checked in years. And I keep getting disappointed to find that there is nothing new on those sites. Yeah right!

Well, I hate to break it you self, but your high school friends whom you gave your first Hotmail address either have a better way to get a hold of you or have forgotten that you exist and well it is no surprise that the weather network won’t have any new information every five minutes and even if it does, it doesn’t matter because you are supposed to stay indoors and get your work done.

So, I decided to be responsible today. I looked up a software program that blocks the internet for a chosen amount of time and in some way it works. Now that I can no longer check the weathernetwork, I managed to focus on my article and progress it significantly. Now the one thing I noticed, is time goes by so much slower or maybe I somehow managed to be more effective. And so, with the absence of fun sites such as “Hotmail”, I started playing Spider Solitaire. Yes the old-fashioned way of procrastination!

It threw me back to what feels like a century ago when we used computers for the purpose of playing Spider Solitaire! Seriously?!

–        “I mean come on self, this is ridiculous!”

–        “Of course,” I responded in my inner dialogue, “I cannot possibly be that shallow. Playing Spider Solitaire when I am living this is a bizarre experience of being away from the internet, I am going to blog about it instead.”

And here comes my new and improved way of procrastination!


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