Wisdom on the streets (Mar Mikhael edition)


As I was roaming the Mar Mikhael district of Beirut, my camera allowed me to suddenly see the area in a whole new light.


“Walls are the notebooks of the mad” – one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen. Everyone needs a notebook, walls are a public space and madness is inside each and everyone of us. The mad are those who let it out.

street wisdom

I am not sure if I love something that much – but those who do are very lucky people.


War kills.


A key to…

Endless options and opportunities or perhaps to destruction?

City planning

If I ever decided to study urban planning (which is a remote interest of mine like many things), I would do it about Beirut. These are one of the leftover of the French system that was not properly followed, leaving Beirut with no proper address system.


Even without knowing much about this, it still gives me the shivers. I can’t help but think about borders and the criminal ways in which they came to be. More importantly though, it makes me think about the relationship between people and the land and all the negative and sometimes positive implications this can cause.

fight rape

Enough said!! In a city like Beirut where there is very little information or statistics on rape but in a country where rape is not legally considered a violence against women (as outrageous as that might sound), I find it a legitimate first step to get people thinking, which is really what this is.


4 thoughts on “Wisdom on the streets (Mar Mikhael edition)

    • It was a very interesting experience because there are some really nice graffiti and street art in this part of town and it was nice to see how people express it!

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