Another fall rolls around


This blog isn’t about fall. It isn’t about anything really. I am just upset that time has gone by so quickly and that the summer is already over and I am just hoping that this will serve as a reminder for me to allow myself to enjoy the fall, take as many pictures as I can and listen to the rain drops over the crispy falling leafs . However, in as much as I am upset about how fast this summer rolled by, I gotta admit, somewhere deep inside I am happy when fall rolls around.


LeafsThere is definitely something about those first winds and cold nights that I find absolutely pleasant. Getting the hoody and the wool sweater out has its own soft spot in my heart. Fall is my favorite season and it has everything  going for it, especially that I am not a fan of the hot summer nights. I am not going to delve into writing a grade 4 essay on seasons and the changing colors of the leaves and that kinda stuff. I think it is overdone.

However, I feel the need to reflect on the last few months (the summer basically) and couldn’t help but express my everlasting enjoyment of those grey rainy nights with the semi-regular sun reflecting on the colored leaves of the fall.

The last few months, otherwise referred to as the last summer, went by really quickly and I can’t just quite grasp how. It feels like I woke up one day and it is all gone. All my camping, beach and outdoor evening drinking plans are suddenly scrapped and deferred to yet another year that is hugely dominated by uncertainty. I mean technically I tried to make the best of my summer which has been difficult when working and organizing are the priorities in my life (and it is a choice so nobody is to blame but me).

I think working this summer away and not allowing myself to fully appreciate quality time with my family and friends and even with nature itself, only allowed me to reflect on how important that is and should be in my life generally. More importantly, it shows how much I’ve taken for granted. When I broke my foot in mid-September three years ago and was on crutches for two months and in an air cast for three, I truly learned how important the fall is to me. Not to mention that I also realized how the ability to walk (something we just take for granted) is actually a huge under-appreciated privilege (but that’s a blog for another time).

When getting from one room to another became a chore, then getting myself to the park that is two and a half blocks away became a luxury and enjoying every moment of it became a learned lesson. I learned to take time and enjoy the moment, but -alas – I lost it a bit too soon.

Now that another fall is rolling around today, I can’t even say that I have learned my lesson and I’m as far as I could be from taking it easy and enjoying it. I know I missed out on a lot of the summer and I can only hope that I can take a chapter from my own book and remember that I have three months of my favourite season ahead and make the best of the moment.

Happy Equinox everyone!


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