A blog that doesn’t matter!


Believe it or not, sometimes, I enjoy writing about things that don’t matter. Of course to write about them then I have thought about them and because I don’t want to think them about them anymore I chose to write it all out and move on….

If it doesn't matter why are you reading?Now if you visited my blog before you will notice that I actually made a lot of changes to make it more visually appealing. It is mostly that I am not a huge fan of Arial (the font) and because the white and light colors was too bright and happy for my taste. The funny thing is that, as you would probably notice, I’ve been too busy I haven’t written any blogs since January and now that I had a “free” or more like not uber busy Saturday night I chose to change the display of my blog. Now this is time that I could have probably spent reading, looking for jobs, hanging out with a friend, sleeping, writing something useful… but no I chose to waste it changing my blog and writing about it.

Now that was actually fun! Personalizing my blog, making it feel more like me, I had really crappy internet when I created it, so I settled for the first choice. It’s been 8 months, I never even thought that it should look better, the same way, I get my bangs cut and I don’t notice that they’re uneven. Now really why does it even matter at the end of the day, it is really about the content. Although now that I am one more word closer to publishing this blog I risk ruining its content, so I am just making up for it by changing my blog so it looks prettier.

What doesn’t matter even more is that I linked my twitter account to my “new” blog. One thing I did not know that I retained from last semester was that Twitter is very important. I was sent to Pembroke by the Ottawa Citizen to tweet! Twitter was on the final exam, and apparently some people were denied jobs for not tweeting enough! I personally still fail to see the importance of Twitter, and I still hold my position that real journalism is NOT about twitter. But what do I know? so I try to make a point of updating my account couple of times a week. Now I am curious to see if adding Twitter to my blog will actually increase the likelihood of me using it.

However, does it matter? Presuming I will end up using Twitter more often, what would the benefits be, other than potentially writing a blog about it?

In case you’re wondering I don’t intend to lower the quality of my blogs. I received a fairly positive and encouraging feedback on my blogs so far and I plan to keep it up.

There are a lot more things that don’t matter; and I won’t be writing about them, not for another 11 blogs at least. That was just an attempt to be funny and pointless. Not sure how successful it was, but you can let me know!


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