My first letter to Santa


I never wrote a letter to Santa. In fact my house never believed in Santa; Santa always came to our family in the form of one skinny person with a cotton beard and a mask and we all knew it was the missing male cousin. It was always my parents who I ask what I wanted for Christmas and who I thanked when I got it.

Being a grown up now watching the somewhat artificial joy that Santa brings to children, I cannot help but wonder if I believed in Santa what would ask him or her, and this is what I came up with.

Dear SantaDear Santa,

I know I pretty much ignored you for the last 24 years of my life, but you seem to respond to people who ask for material presents, so I, for a change, will be asking you for some non-materialistic meaningful “presents”.

Well, having just came back from the climate negotiations where some state representatives called for the other nations to give their children a climate deal for Christmas and where people were demanding that the international community pays some attention to the destruction their communities, that are already suffering because of manmade climate, are facing-  it is most natural that I would ask you to bring some seriousness to the climate agendas of the wealthiest, most apathetic nations of this world. That, with perhaps a dose of wisdom in their mulled wine glasses to help them realise that there is indeed a crisis that is happening worldwide impacting them, far away nations and also your own habitat with reindeers and polar bears which happens to be in our own Canadian backyard or some similar fictional environment.

Have you noticed the thousands of people of all walks of life camping out in various parks and squares occupying cities around the world? Have you noticed that they were demanding things like freedom, world peace, democracy, equality, health care, and environmental and social justice, etc? Maybe along your ride (who happens to be to rich households only), you can sprinkle some knowledge to the children and adults of this world to help them see the inequalities and injustices in whichever form they come in  and some courage to speak up and hopefully do something about it.

As I am sending this letter, I also urge you to say a prayer for all the children (and people) impacted by war, who risk being killed and losing their homes, all the children who do not have dinner and a warm place to sleep tonight, orphans, elders and all those who have nobody to share the true meaning of Christmas with.

I send you this hopeless letter, dear Santa, and I am somewhat mad that you do not exist to receive it and make this world a better place to live in. However, this is okay because my actual wish this Christmas is for people to realise that it is solely our responsibility to watch out for our rights and do what we can to make a positive impact in our communities, environment and in the world. We cannot wait for someone else to do it for us.

With love and hope for the best,



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